Nov. 16th, 2011

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Dear Yulegoat,

You are wonderful and have fabulous taste in fandoms.

Some general stuff up-front, previous letters are under the yuletide tags and I’ve stolen shamelessly from them, everything said then applies now. I’ll be in #yuletide all the time as stars, so feel free to come stalk.

I am amazingly easy to please with fic, I read anything and everything from AU in space to five times and mpreg and everything in between and if you want to do that to any of the below, go for it! I read gen and slash and het, so if you're happier writing any of the characters I've suggested in ships or just as friends then feel free. I love angst and fluff and PWPs and cliche-fic, dark humour and silly humour and banter. Focus on plot or focus on character, whatever makes you happiest to write!

With the exception of Justified, all my fandoms are short and very easy to acquire so I hope that there's something in there that makes you happy to write.

I don't really have any major squicks, or fic no-nos, so go where the winds take you and don't worry about anything in that regard.

Lastly, OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. I’ll love a story you loved writing way more than one you shoehorned into fitting my details.

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Justified )

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