Jul. 16th, 2011

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I'm not even sure how to write this as I start, but the most amazing strange thing has just happened.

For years my family has half joked that we have a poltergiest, a magpie, that steals jewellery. You'll take something off, put it down and find that it's disappeared when you go to pick it back up. Days or weeks later it'll reappear somewhere improbable. Years ago I lost a necklace that I was sure I'd taken off beside my bed. We found it, six months later inside a pillowcase as it was being folded from the dryer.

Mum took off her wedding ring while doing washing up and it was found three days later in the middle of the patio

My sister's lost bracelet reappeared in the middle of a floor that had just been vacuumed.

It's only ever jewellery and happens more frequently than can strictly be put down to carelessness.

All odd, but explicable without resorting to the supernatural.

When I was 18, my grandma gave me a ring that had belonged to her grandma before her and the metal was in such a state that it wasn't wearable, so I had the stone, a beautiful opal set into a pendant. It's utterly precious to me because of its history and I am more careful with it than anything else I own. It went missing in February after I took it off when I went to bed and put it in my jewellery box. I know the date because when I couldn't find it to wear for my dad's birthday just after, the bollocking I got from my mother was something special.

I found it today. Inside a medicine box bought in April (complete with receipt). Sealed.

Anyone got a good explanation for that because I'm shaking a little and trying to work out what the hell is going on.


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