Dear Hippo.

Oct. 8th, 2012 11:47 pm
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Dear hippo,

Some general stuff up-front, previous letters are under the yuletide tags and I've stolen shamelessly from them, everything said then applies now. I'll be in #yuletide all the time as stars, so feel free to come stalk.

I am amazingly easy to please with fic, I read anything and everything from AU in space to five times and mpreg and everything in between and if you want to do that to any of the below, go for it! I read gen and slash and het (less so with femmeslash), so if you're happier writing any of the characters I've suggested in ships or just as friends then feel free. I love angst and fluff and PWPs and cliche-fic, dark humour and silly humour and banter, kill everyone off and let the zombies decide. Focus on plot or focus on character, whatever makes you happiest to write!

All of my fandoms are short and very easy to acquire so I hope that there's something in there that makes you happy to write.

I don't really have any major squicks, or fic no-nos, so go where the winds take you and don't worry about anything in that regard.

Lastly, OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. I'll love a story you loved writing way more than one you shoehorned into fitting my details.

1) The Long Earth - Pratchett/Baxter - any

Optional details: I honestly cannot narrow down my request for this as I need to READ ALL THE FIC. I'd love to see anything about Joshua's and Sally's continuing travels (romantic or entirely platonic), the history of Sister Agnes or more of Monica's story. Alternatively just go for pure worldbuilding and pick an Earth and tell me its story, write about the elves or the trolls and their POV of all these people stepping in and out and the trials and tribulations of setting up a new society from scratch. Or, how about Earth zero and the chaos of those left behind?

Extra bits- I think I want fic for this because I found the ending... unsatisfying in many ways. It built for so long and then poof, resolved and everyone lives happily ever after (ish). It also felt in parts that the book needed to be longer, it just skimmed over all these amazing worlds and then wham, on to the next, tantalizing and leaving me wanting more. I'd be overjoyed with fic that stayed on one world, but equally if you want to write snippets from a couple of places that pass through, then that would be just as fabulous. If you do want to include any other characters then feel free, however neither Lobsang or first person singular top my list of those I'm burning with desire to read more about, so would be happy if they stayed more background.

2) Deep Impact, any

I'd really love future fic (or really in between) for this as there's just so much to write about and the movie sort of glosses over the year between the speech and the impact. I'd love to see more on the reconstruction of the cities, how the asteroid changes (or doesn't) people's world view and attitudes. Sarah and Leo raising the baby and any other additions to their family or perhaps they don't even stay together. What life is like for those who went into the arks, or even go wild and write something in the world but with your own characters. Even though the movie had a 'happy' ending and I would be more than pleased to get something that carries on that optimism, if you want to go dark and twisty, feel free!

extra bits - This movie is one I go back to again and again and cheers me up despite the content. I adore the bits of science they got right (quiet in space!) enough to let me gloss over the bigger errors, and if you want to explore any of the geeky bits I will adore you forever. (Which I'll do whatever you write actually). I think the potential for worldbuilding here is huge and if you just want to play in the really messy sandpit of almost-destroyed-Earth then go ahead. I'd really like a fic that focuses more on Earth and the whatnext parts rather than something that's set during the film, and while I do love the crew of the Messiah, for the first time I'm my life I'm more interested in the ground based parts rather than the in space ones.

3) Political Animals- Elaine, Margaret, Susan

I picked this fandom because I love the strength of the women and how they still remain human and not caricatures. I love Elaine's competence and her conflicted feelings about Bud. I love Susan and how you see her falling and yet still doing what she needs to get what she wants, I love Margaret's unapologetic and uncompromising behaviour and how it fits with the love of her family. I haven't picked them for this request, but I also really like the way that Bud and Garcetti were written despite their flaws, so would also be happy if they were included as long as the women stay centre stage.

extra bits - I'm not sure I have that much more to say on this one (but it doesn't mean I like it any less than the others!), I just don't have any particular ideas to fling around. Saying that, given how unlikely this is to get another season (woe), I'd love a view on what happens next with the campaign and its family implications or the fallout of the crash and its political ones. Does Elaine win? What sort of president is she? Does Susan get her Pulitzer? How does the country cope without Garcetti?

4) Avengers Academy - Robert Baldwin

Robbie went back to being Speedball after being turned into the ridiculous, super dark Penance. I'd love a story about how he feels, trying to help all these young students with terrible powersets.

extra bits - What interests me about the suggestion I made was that Robbie still seems to struggle with some guilt and depression, and I wonder how that affects his interactions with his students. Does he see working with them as a kind of penance?(hah!) Does he worry about what might happen to them, or have any fear that he might become Penance again? As Penance, his powers were activated by pain -- how does he react to pain now? Is there any part of him that misses it, or is any way he hurts himself yet *more* penance? *g*
(This prompt also known as how many times can stars type penance in one paragraph :D)


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