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At about 8pm tonight I got the sudden urge to bake, and holy hell were the results good.

First off were Dulce De Leche chocolate brownies (recipe here - which were very pleasant if a bit cakier and less chewy brownie than i was expecting, still yummy. I may have told a few people it was the best thing I'd ever put in my mouth.

I was then forced to eat my words (hah!) when the second cake came out of the oven.

I adapted a classic sponge cake recipe to use the extra dulce de leche I had from the brownies

So, cream together 175g salted butter (straight off the local farm), 175g caster sugar and about 2/3 of a tin of dulce de leche, I'm guessing at about 250g. Make as light and fluffy as you can. Whisk in three eggs 'til even fluffier then fold in 175g of self-raising flour and a teaspoon of pure vanilla essence. Stir until well mixed. Split between two greased cake tins and bake at 170degrees for bout 30mins or until golden and spongy.

Whisk 45g of the butter until fluffy and then whisk in 175g of icing sugar with about two tablespoons of milk (more if needed) til firm and creamy. Spread the buttercream over one cake and sandwich the other on top.

Eat. moan, die a little.
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I seem to have a problem. I have developed an addiction... To baking.

I can't stop myself, in the past little while i've made meringues (over 100 of the buggers), creme brulee, chocolate filled muffins, dulce de leche cookies, shortbread, black cherry muffins with cherry chocolate ganache and candied more orange peel than i know what to do with.

I just. can't. stop.

So, i need your help, i figure if I'm cooking obsessively I might as well do it properly. Send me your best dessert/sweet recipes, your favourite things. It doesn't matter what it is, I'm willing to give anything a shot.  I can do measurements in cups or grams/ounces and am itching to cook more!


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