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Dear Yulegoat,

You are wonderful and have fabulous taste in fandoms.

Some general stuff up-front, previous letters are under the yuletide tags and I’ve stolen shamelessly from them, everything said then applies now. I’ll be in #yuletide all the time as stars, so feel free to come stalk.

I am amazingly easy to please with fic, I read anything and everything from AU in space to five times and mpreg and everything in between and if you want to do that to any of the below, go for it! I read gen and slash and het, so if you're happier writing any of the characters I've suggested in ships or just as friends then feel free. I love angst and fluff and PWPs and cliche-fic, dark humour and silly humour and banter. Focus on plot or focus on character, whatever makes you happiest to write!

With the exception of Justified, all my fandoms are short and very easy to acquire so I hope that there's something in there that makes you happy to write.

I don't really have any major squicks, or fic no-nos, so go where the winds take you and don't worry about anything in that regard.

Lastly, OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. I’ll love a story you loved writing way more than one you shoehorned into fitting my details.

Super 8 - I fell in love with this movie about 5 minutes in and have watched it over and over since then. I love the feeling and atmosphere that they build, I Iove how real the relationship that develops between Alice and Joe is. I love watching Jackson trying to get to know his son and Louis trying to mend bridges with his daughter. I’d love to read about how Alice and Joe live happily ever after, or how the four of them all decide to move into one big house and play happy families, how slowly Jackson forgives Loius, how it doesn't work out after all and everyone drifts apart. How Joe and Alice change after the connection with the alien and how that affects them when they're 15 and 30 and 60. I’d be more than happy to read Alice/Joe and Jackson/Louis, but please, no crossing over of the pairings if you do go down that route.

Center Stage - Judge me all you like but I think this is my favourite movie of all time. It's what I watch when I'm feeling icky and it always cheers me up. I've never danced in my entire life so all I know about ballet is from this movie so don't be afraid of making up anything technical, I'll never know the difference. I'd love a glimpse into the future of the girls. how does it work out for Zoe, is she happy? and does Maureen have a great life not as a dancer or does she regret it? is Jody happy working for Cooper or do they slip back into a relationship and it all ends in disaster? Tell me about the dances and the concerts and the beauty and grace of it all on stage and how it's so not like that behind the scenes. If you want to include any of the other characters from the movie, I'd love to read about them.

I think Justified is one of the best bits of TV out at the moment. The characters are so perfectly constructed and so well imagined, however small they are.
I do adore Raylan and Boyd and everything about their relationship. I slash them massively but also think that they do work well with the ambiguous relationship they have in the show, so take this in any direction you please. I'd be as happy seeing a slice of them growing up, or a missing scene from anywhere you chose, a night out with a conversation over drinks, tell me about all the times, and how they always seem to save each other. If you want to throw in other characters then Rachel, Tim and Art are my next favourites, so if you do just want to write team-fic and Tim and Rachel being the awesomest on a case, then I'd love to read that too!

John Lewis Christmas Adverts ( - This fandom is only about three days old as I write this and it has stolen my breath away. An anon asked me the following and I thought it might be helpful to post my comments as it has really solidified my feelings, even without taking the dog into account. (
Where do you stand on the fanon about the dog?
a.) It's a funny joke
b.) It's an interesting take on the canon
c.) It's horrible! Shut up about it! You're ruining the advert!

My answer was that I vary between all three. The part of me that wants to cry every time I see it is very much C, stop meddling with my perfect little child who just adores his parents so much he can’t control it. Tell me what he's giving them and why it means so much to him. Another part of me looks sideways and thinks that yes, a decapitated dog’s head is a perfect gift to keep in a box for months and fret about giving and how wonderfully dark that makes it and how it totally changes the entire dynamic.  However, while I see the dark humour in the fanon, I don't see the lighthearted funny so would prefer it not to veer too far in that direction. Basically, write what makes you happy, if you want dark and twisty then I will read it and squee, if you want adorable and full of all the feelings then I will read and cry, if you want to combine the two, so much the better! p.s. If you want to include anything from adverts from any other years, go for it. p.p.s I adore this version of the song


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