Oct. 31st, 2011

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It was my birthday on Wednesday and in the grand tradition of trying to avoid the whole thing I left the country.

The mama and the papa and I went to Barcelona and I fell in love with a city.

It did not matter that it rained like raining was its job and it had to do it really hard and constantly or it would fail, I still had a lovely time.

Things what I enjoyed mostest.

1) The inside of the Sagrada Familia took my breath away and is quite literally, awe inspiring. If nothing else, I'm going to keep going back to the city to see what they do next and how it continues to develop.

2) We did not get mugged! Given the family history there (three muggings in one weekend last time) this is something of an achievement.

3) The palau de musica catalana is quite simply, the prettiest building I have ever seen. It is pastel coloured flowery confection and is AMAZING. Sitting there, watching Rodrigo's Concerto de Aranjuez, I giggled with the sheer wonder of it all. Love.

4) Tapas.

5) I have never been somewhere where there is no such thing as an architecturally unimaginative building, every corner held a new and wonderful surprise and I spent so much time looking up i'm impressed I didn't fall into a manhole.

6) the two new beautiful desigual tops that the parentals purchased for me as my present.

7) the pear eclair that the bakery around the corner from the hotel made. There were inappropriate noises while eating, my father thought it was *hilarious*. That should probably concern me more.

8) the food markets were just brilliant, yes I saw bits of animals that I really wish I hadn't, but Iove how much joy the people clearly take in all the food and they really care about where it comes from.

Home now and picked up a chest infection somewhere along the way. I am currently feeling sorry for myself and trying to breathe around the elephant deposited on my chest. If someone could arrange it so that I can have a week off work that would be great, kthxbai.


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