Jul. 28th, 2011

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 *phone rings*
Me: hey mama, what’s up?
Mama: sorry to bother you at work but I’ve got a problem with the computer and I just need your help for a minute
Me: ok, but I’m going into a meeting soon, what’s the matter?
Mama: Where does the internet go when I turn the computer off?
Me: I’m sorry?
Mama: where does it go?
Me: seriously? I’m at work, can this not wait until this evening?
Mama: Also, how does Google know how I’m going to finish my sentences. Is it watching me?
Me: Have you been watching enemy of the state again?
Mama: this is serious! What if They’re watching me.
Me: What are you searching for that would make people want to watch you?!
Mama: That’s not the point! So I just want to check that the internet turns off when I turn off my computer so they can’t follow me anymore
Me: We’ll have a conversation about what the internet is later ok, but no it doesn’t turn off with your computer.
Mama: Then how does it turn off? Because when it develops sentience and tries to take over the world, how do you pull the plug?
Me: you’re not allowed to read tabloids anymore. I’m going now.


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