Jun. 19th, 2011

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I need someone to take this bunny RIGHT NOW, and do something with it so that I don't have write it. Because the thing is I got trapped in a room where the only reading material was Cosmo. There was an ubiquitous 'How to get and keep your man' type article which got me thinking...

So Steve's in a waiting room, hanging around trying to outstare the infants while he waits for the doctor to see him because Danny told him he wasn't allowed to stitch up any more bullet wounds himself and he's aimlessly flicking through Cosmo. He's busy scoffing at the suggestions, when a woman leans over and while her toddler drools happily on Steve's shirt, she tells him that she utterly swears by it, best relationship advice on the planet comes from that magazine. 

I mean, he's always been told he's emotionally constipated and he has no clue how a real relationship works, namely one that isn't conducted clandestinely in the middle of a war zone, so why not, he's going to give this a shot...

I just want to see the puzzlement when it doesn't work, and Steve's tried randomly flashing Danny, wearing revealing clothes to lounge on the sofa, faking a powercut so they have to sit in candlelit rooms, and trying to play with his hair. Also, Kono is totally egging on this behaviour, because she thinks its fucking hilarious and keeps sending him suggestions which are guaranteed to work.


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