Jun. 7th, 2011

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 I am full of the joys of (very late) spring right now

No particular reason why, and despite the fact that work is driving me potty, i am just happy. 

My flat is full of flowers. I have delphinium and peonies and roses and little daisies in vases all over the place, i have four orchids in bloom, the hydrangeas are the most magnificent colour i've ever seen and the jasmine smells perfect enough that i want to bury my face in it every time i walk past. 

By some miracle, the two geriatric gerbils are still alive, even if one was bleeding from the eye and the other was bleeding from the ear yesterday. All patched up now and seem to be perfectly happy. 

I have been cackling maniacally while creating macros for here - http://50texts.tumblr.com/ - and in general loving on 5-0 pretty damned hard. 

I have been to a glorious gig (abigail washburn, banjos and beauty galore), movies that made me squee (thor and xmen), tomorrow is seeing love never dies and a boy that makes me smile and the sun is shining (although not right now, it's 1am, that would be strange at this latitude) 

Generally speaking and for the first time in longer than I can remember, all is right with the world. Tell me the good stuff that's happening with you?


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