Mar. 23rd, 2011

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So driving to work today I passed a van saying 'Eames and Son building contractors'. Please, please tell me fic exists where Eames is hanging off scaffolding wolf whistling at Arthur? Think of the potential with builders bum!

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Two posts in less than an hour after months of silence, I know try not to pass out...

So, Hawaii five-0 has taken over my brain. I was bored a month or so back and everything else I watch was on hiatus so I thought why not? And ended up mainlining all the eps in a very short space of time. My love for the crazy and the bromance knew no bounds and then I found myself mainlining ALL THE FICS. not even joking, I have now read everything on ao3. I know, it's a sickness.

So yesterday was the first ep I've seen live as it were and people, I... I just don't know anymore. There was so much awesome and yet so much dialogue that was clunky and made me feel that if it was a fic I'd have hit back. I just want to go and find them a good beta.

Also, for the first time since xfiles I am filled with bunnies. I've sketched a fic where someone uses grace's sparkling body wash, where Steve is a bamf and there's running and jumping and shooting, a crazy au I'm even embarrassed to mention and oh so many more ideas.

In short, show, you may be kind of crap, but you're *my* crap and I heart you.

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